Innovating for Tomorrow
The Cutting-Edge Technologies
at Riviera Infraprojects

Embracing the Future:
Digital Construction Management at Riviera

Innovating Construction with Digital Solutions

At Riviera, we're reshaping the construction landscape through the rapid integration of digital solutions. Our approach to Digital Construction Management (DCM) leverages a spectrum of cutting-edge technologies and methodologies to revolutionize project planning, execution, and management. Our digital toolkit features lean construction practices, real-time project tracking, and dynamic project management software, enabling us to boost efficiency, productivity, and sustainability. As technology evolves, Riviera remains committed to harnessing innovative applications to redefine construction.

Revolutionary Formwork Systems Designed by Riviera

Our dedicated in-house design team meticulously evaluates each project to select the most sophisticated and innovative modular formwork systems. Our repertoire includes Monolithic Aluminum formwork, the innovative Left-in prop system, Climbing formwork, Single-side shuttering for basement walls, and bespoke combinations for specialized structures. These advancements allow us to surpass traditional formwork limitations, offering superior labor efficiency, safety, concrete workmanship, sustainability, and adaptability across diverse projects.

Cutting-Edge Construction
Equipment & Technologies

Riviera is at the forefront of addressing the challenges posed by urbanization, infrastructure expansion, and environmental stewardship through the adoption of the latest construction technologies and equipment. Our arsenal includes boom placers, tower cranes, well-point dewatering systems, temperature-controlled concrete, self-compacting concrete, and PT slabs. These tools and technologies are essential in propelling our construction capabilities to new heights.

Showcasing Riviera's Cutting-Edge Construction Machinery

Transit Mixer

Mobile Concrete Transporter

Backhoe Loader

Versatile Digging Machine

Skid Steer Loader

Compact Multi-Tool Carrier

Concrete Pump

Precision Concrete Placement

Riviera’s Signature ERP RNet: Revolutionizing Construction Management

RNet empowers Riviera by enabling customized document workflows, budget-based controls for material procurement, benchmark controls for labor bills and expenses, and seamless integration among modules for on-site and off-site operations. These capabilities allow Riviera to streamline management processes, ensuring timely project completion while fostering uniformity and consistency across all project sites and offices. Moreover, RNet equips Riviera with centralized data and real-time insights, empowering informed decision-making for strategic business initiatives.

Uncompromised Quality

R-Net integrates advanced quality control mechanisms that monitor every phase of the construction process, ensuring that all materials, workmanship, and project outcomes meet or exceed industry standards. This focus on quality guarantees that every project delivered by Riviera Infra Projects stands as a testament to excellence and durability.

Guaranteed Project

With R-Net's sophisticated scheduling and project management tools, Riviera Infra Projects ensures that every project is completed within the set timelines. The software's proactive alert system and real-time tracking capabilities enable swift identification and resolution of potential delays, ensuring on-time project delivery every time.

Enhanced Safety

Safety is paramount in construction, and R-Net addresses this by incorporating comprehensive safety management features. These tools help in identifying potential hazards, enforcing safety protocols, and ensuring compliance with all relevant safety regulations. This commitment to safety minimizes risks for workers and stakeholders, fostering a secure project environment.

Optimized Cost

R-Net excels in delivering cost-effective construction solutions without compromising quality. By facilitating meticulous budget management and cost control, the software enables Riviera Infra Projects to optimize resource allocation, reduce waste, and prevent budget overruns, ensuring financial efficiency across all projects.