Shaping the Future of Healthcare,
One Build at a Time

Diverse Portfolio

Our prowess touches every facet of the healthcare realm. Be it sophisticated hospital towers, state-of-the-art labs, or specialized medical suites, Riviera Infraprojects crafts them with unmatched precision. 

Precision and Compliance

We smoothly integrate with the intricacies of industry laws and state-of-the-art medical tech in the continually changing field of healthcare. Our focus? providing areas that serve all users, including practitioners and patients.

Unwavering Focus

Healthcare never stops, and neither do we. Operating within bustling medical environments, our mantra is clear: ensure care continuity. We're adept at weaving our construction narrative amidst ongoing healthcare stories. 

Safety, Our Promise

 In a domain where precision is paramount, Riviera Infraprojects champions safety. Every venture, every brick laid, adheres to the gold standard in healthcare safety norms, making us the partner of choice. 

Lilavati Hospital


The Gujarat Research & Medical Institute


Gir Resort


Japanese Business Hotel