Safety First
Ensuring a Secure Workplace at Riviera Infraprojects

Riviera's Commitment to
Environment, Health, and
Safety (EHS)

At Riviera, our dedication to Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) is at the core of everything we do. We are committed to not just complying with EHS standards but exceeding them, ensuring a safe, healthy, and sustainable environment for our employees, clients, and the communities we serve.

Environment and
Sustainability Initiatives

Our commitment to the environment is unwavering, with sustainability initiatives that reflect our responsibility towards the planet. Our approach includes:

We are committed to embracing eco-friendly materials across our projects wherever feasible, aiming to minimize environmental impact.

Adopting innovative techniques to minimize waste and maximize resource efficiency.

Actively participating in tree plantation initiatives to enhance biodiversity.

Continual learning opportunities for our team through both internal and external expertise.

Promoting awareness and best practices in environmental health and safety.

Implementing mechanisms for ongoing assessment to minimize our ecological footprint.

Health and safety of workers:
Our Top Priority

Safety is a fundamental aspect of our operations. We ensure the well-being of our workforce through:

Comprehensive training for all new hires.

Establishing clear guidelines and procedures for safety.

Thoroughly analyzing potential risks to mitigate hazards.

Incorporating EHS considerations right from the planning and design stages of projects.

Ensuring the safety and reliability of all equipment and personal protective gear.

Conducting in-depth analyses of incidents to prevent future occurrences and sharing lessons learned.

Fostering a culture of safety compliance through behavior-based initiatives.

Keeping safety protocols top of mind through regular meetings and preparedness drills.

Providing ongoing health checks and safety education for our team.