Torrent Power Substation

Located in the strategic hub of Kazipur, Ahmedabad, the "132 kV Kazipur GIS" is set to be a cornerstone in the region's power infrastructure. Orchestrated by Torrent Power Ltd., this project is dedicated to the construction of the 132 kV Kazipur GIS, which will play an essential role in enhancing power distribution and management in the area.

Project Description:

The undertaking involves the construction of the 132 kV Kazipur GIS in Kazipur, Ahmedabad.


Torrent Power Ltd


Kazipur, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Built-Up Area:

27,487 sqft

Project Cost:

₹20 Crores


February 2022

Expected Completion:

June 2024

Scope of Work:

  • RCC (Reinforced Cement Concrete)
  • Masonry
  • Plaster