Shaping the Future of Education:
Riviera Infraprojects' Execution Marvel
at IIM-Ahmedabad

Riviera Infraprojects proudly announces the completion of the Continuum Building, a distinguished addition to the esteemed IIM-Ahmedabad campus. This project exemplifies Riviera’s dedication to excellence and innovation in construction, delivering a landmark structure that enhances the educational landscape of Ahmedabad.

Project Overview

The Continuum Building, envisioned by IIM-Ahmedabad, stands tall as a G+7 storey institutional marvel, boasting captivating exposed RCC work. With a vast built-up area of 63,821 square feet, the project encompasses a wide array of construction activities, including civil works, architectural finishing, earthwork, RCC structures, MEPF installations, glazing façade work, and general development tasks.

Challenges & Solutions:

Material Consistency:
Achieving material consistency in exposed RCC brick wall structures demands rigorous quality control and uniformity in material selection and finishing techniques. This involves meticulous sourcing of bricks and cement, standardized mixing procedures, and precise execution of construction practices to ensure that every segment of the wall reflects the desired aesthetic and structural integrity uniformly across the entire structure.

Integration with Existing Campus:
The integration of new construction activities within the operational IIM Ahmedabad New Campus requires a carefully orchestrated approach. This encompasses detailed planning to minimize disruptions, strategic scheduling of construction phases, and the adoption of noise and dust mitigation measures. Efforts are also made to ensure that the architectural design harmonizes with existing structures, preserving the campus’s aesthetic and functional coherence.

Bird Collision Prevention:
To mitigate bird collisions, the selection of glass involves incorporating bird-friendly designs that are visible to avian species, reducing their risk of collision. This can include the use of glass with special coatings, patterns, or embedded markers that alert birds to the presence of the barrier, thus protecting the avian population in the vicinity while maintaining the architectural appeal of the structure.

Neighboring Building Strength:
Constructing a new structure within the IIM Ahmedabad campus without compromising the strength of neighboring buildings involves meticulous planning and engineering. This includes conducting thorough soil and structural assessments, implementing vibration control measures during construction, and ensuring that the new construction loads are well-distributed. Advanced construction techniques and materials are employed to enhance stability and safeguard the integrity of adjacent structures.

Construction Process

The construction process for the Continuum Building began with meticulous planning and site preparation, followed by the execution of earthwork and the erection of RCC structures. Skilled craftsmen meticulously undertook brickwork, blockwork, and plastering to achieve a seamless finish, while specialized waterproofing techniques were applied to protect the building from water ingress. MEPF installations, glazing façade work, and general development tasks were completed with precision and efficiency, ensuring the timely completion of the project.

Technical Expertise Demonstrated

Advanced RCC Work:
Riviera Infraprojects showcased expertise in exposed RCC construction, achieving architectural precision and aesthetic finesse in the building’s design.

MEPF Integration:
The seamless integration of Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Firefighting systems demonstrated Riviera’s proficiency in optimizing space and functionality within the building.

Innovative Façade Solutions:
The selection and installation of specialized glass for the façade underscored Riviera’s commitment to sustainability, safety, and architectural aesthetics.

Structural Engineering Excellence:
Riviera’s advanced structural engineering solutions ensured the Continuum Building’s structural integrity while preserving the strength and stability of neighboring structures within the IIM Ahmedabad campus.


The completion of the Continuum Building marks a significant milestone in Riviera's journey of excellence. Through unwavering dedication, technical prowess, and collaborative efforts, Riviera has delivered a landmark structure that embodies innovation, functionality, and architectural brilliance. The Continuum Building stands as a testament to Riviera's commitment to shaping the future of construction and leaving a lasting legacy in the educational landscape of Ahmedabad.