Reinventing Healthcare Infrastructure:
Riviera Infraproject's Role in reimagining healthcare with Lilavati Hospital, GIFT City.

In collaboration with Lilavati Foundation, Riviera Infraprojects embarks on a transformative journey into the hospitality sector within the dynamic landscape of GIFT City, Gandhinagar. This endeavor, marked by Riviera’s unwavering commitment to construction excellence, aims to create a cutting-edge healthcare facilitates, reflecting Lilavati’s ethos of quality and service. This case study sheds light on the ongoing project’s scope, challenges, and Riviera’s technical expertise, as it continues its journey towards completion.

Project Overview

Riviera Infraprojects' collaboration with Lilavati Foundation involves the construction of a modern healthcare facility in GIFT City, spanning approximately 6 Lacs square feet. The project encompasses a comprehensive scope of work, including earthwork, RCC, structural steel, masonry & plaster, waterproofing, infra works, and other miscellaneous tasks. With an estimated project cost of around 120 Cr., the facilitates aims to redefine healthcare standards within the region, providing state-of-the-art medical services to the community.

Challenges & Solutions:

Navigating Complex Scope:
The diverse scope of work poses logistical challenges, addressed through Riviera’s efficient project management practices and close collaboration with subcontractors to streamline workflow.

Cost Management:
Riviera employs effective budgeting and cost control measures to optimize resource utilization without compromising quality, ensuring financial viability throughout the project’s duration.

Regulatory Compliance:
Rigorous adherence to GIFT City’s stringent construction regulations is ensured through collaborative efforts with regulatory authorities, obtaining necessary permits and approvals to maintain legality and safety.

Construction Process

Riviera Infraprojects gears up to manage the construction process for Lilavati Foundation's upcoming healthcare facilitates in GIFT City. Extensive earthwork and meticulous site preparation activities will lay the groundwork, ensuring stability and readiness for subsequent construction phases. With expertise in reinforced concrete (RCC) and structural steel work, Riviera will erect the building framework, prioritizing structural integrity and resilience. Skilled craftsmen will handle brickwork, blockwork, and plastering tasks, ensuring seamless finishes and contributing to the facilitates overall aesthetics. Advanced waterproofing techniques will be applied to safeguard against water ingress, followed by finishing works such as painting, flooring, and fixture installation, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics. Through meticulous attention to detail and quality craftsmanship, Riviera aims to bring Lilavati Foundation's vision to fruition.

Technical Expertise Demonstrated

Structural Engineering:
Riviera demonstrates expertise in designing and constructing a robust building framework capable of withstanding structural loads and environmental factors, ensuring long-term durability and resilience.

Quality Assurance:
Stringent quality assurance measures are implemented throughout the construction process to ensure materials and workmanship meet the highest standards, aligning with Lilavati Foundation’s commitment to excellence in healthcare delivery.

Waterproofing Expertise:
Riviera employs specialized waterproofing techniques to safeguard the facility from water-related issues, prolonging the structure’s lifespan and ensuring a conducive environment for patient care.

Timely Execution:
Riviera’s effective project management practices and its customized project management software facilitates timely completion of construction activities, ensuring adherence to project timelines and milestones, despite unforeseen challenges.

Compliance and Safety:
Riviera prioritizes compliance with regulatory requirements and safety standards, fostering a safe and secure environment for all stakeholders involved in the project, including patients, staff, and construction personnel.


Riviera Infraprojects' ongoing collaboration with Lilavati Foundation represents a significant milestone in its commitment to shaping the healthcare landscape within GIFT City. Through meticulous planning, quality construction, and unwavering adherence to regulatory standards, Riviera remains dedicated to delivering a cutting-edge healthcare facilitates that will redefine standards of care within the region, fostering healthier communities for years to come.